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Concrete shed bases built for your shed or garage

Should you need a concrete shed base, Euroscot are your local specialist. If not carried out properly, this is a job that can come back to haunt you at a later stage and could even result in subsidence of your shed or garage. Therefore it is important that the job is carried out by a professional, especially as it may be a labour-intensive job.

 Planning permission is not normally required for a prefabricated garden building, however you may wish to speak with your neighbours or your local council prior to construction just to ensure you are able to carry out the build. If you live in a conservation area or the building could intrude on a neighbour's garden or even affect the light entering your neighbour's property, then these are all things that are likely to be taken into account.

 Our specialists will advise you on what type of concrete foundation is right for your project and all foundations are solid and frost proof.

A concrete shed base can be used as a concrete shed floor and has many advantages including the fact that there is no need to build a separate floor and should the floor get dusty, wet or dirty then it can be easily swept and washed down with a hose. A concrete base is very durable which means no matter how much the room is used or what is stored in it, the floor won't suffer as it is built from a strong durable material.


Euroscot can advise you of what would best suit the space you have for your shed/garage, we can advise you of the best materials for the ground it will be built on, and also the timescales and costs involved. For a competitive quote, call us now.

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